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Worksop Folk Dance Group


Worksop Folk Dance Group began in the early 1930ís by Dorothy Bradbury who was introduced to the activity by the Girl Guides movement, she first registered the group as part of the English Folk Dance & Song Society in 1933. We have been meeting regularly since then, originally as part of the Evening Educational system but for many years have been independent. Our weekly meeting is on Tuesday from 7.30pm to 9.45pm, currently at the Larwood Community Centre. We do mainly English dances from the period C1650 to recently composed dances, but also do American style as well as some Scottish, the steps are not difficult and all dances can be done with a brisk walk.

We have 6 callers (or leaders) who teach & call the dances so we have a variety of styles to offer. Our music is on CDs, minidisks & Ipod all recorded by many different bands both English & American. All dances are taught thoroughly before being danced and as such beginners have nothing to be hesitant about.

Our social year incorporates an annual visit to a local place of interest followed by afternoon tea e.g. Gainsborough Old Hall, Hardwick Hall, and a visit another dance group. We also spend one evening each year at the Valley Social Club for the physically and mentally challenged where we encourage, with great success, the members to join us in dancing. During the year we have pancakes for Shrove Tuesday as well as other treats for end of term and, of course, a Christmas party

New comers are always welcome whether they have danced before or not as no previous experience is necessary, neither is it necessary to bring your own partner, all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes, and a ready smile.